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TQ 8 things you should notice to keep your tattoo from fading

Thảo luận trong 'ÔTÔ - XE MÁY' bắt đầu bởi xamhinhnghethuat, 2 Tháng hai 2018.

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    Even if you choose a tattoo studio carefully and spend lots of money, your tattoo can be ruined if you don’t know these things. Let’s see 8 things you should notice to keep your tattoo from fading which are collected by Tadashi Tattoo Studio - Tattoo in Ho Chi Minh City.

    1. Before: Don’t forget to eat and drink

    If you haven't eaten ahead of time, your blood sugar will be lower. Between that and the inevitable pain of the needle, you're likely to end up lightheaded. It won't make for a pleasant experience, so at least have a snack before your appointment.

    2. Before: Don't drink alcohol

    You should avoid alcohol, because the alcohol makes you bleed more. In addition, it can stretches the skin.


    3. During: Don't hold your breath

    People always hold their breath while getting the tattoo. Instead, you should have deep, steady breaths. And to always let the artist know if you need to take a break. And if friends come with you, make them vow not to make you laugh. No one wants a horse to turn into a unicorn because of a bad joke.

    4. After: Don't run out of the shop

    Pay attention to the aftercare instructions. It's in the artist's best interest to explain proper care to your thoroughly, since they want that artwork they potentially just spent hours on to last. It's in your best interest to listen to this explanation, so you don't end up with janky-looking ink.


    5. After: Don't remove the bandage too soon

    Once the tattoo is finished and the aftercare is explained, the artists will cover up your tattoo with a bandage. You should keep this bandage on for 5 days, depending on the tattoo, but it can go up to 7 days if you're more comfortable with that. Don't remove that too soon — and don't put it back on once it's off.

    6. After: Don't do any scratching, stretching, or water sports

    You have to avoid swimming, avoid bathing, anything where you’re submerging yourself in water. Don’t pick at it, don’t scratch at it. It’s going to be insanely itchy and it’s going to start flaking, that’s totally normal.


    7. After: Don't use scented

    After you've removed the bandages, you should "super gently" wash the tattoo with unscented soap and water. Scented soaps and lotions have a tendency to clog and stain the skin.

    8. After: Don't go outside without SPF

    And the last thing Tadashi - Tattoo Saigon want to mention in this article is do not go outside without SPF. As is the general rule with life, don't go outside without sunscreen. The sun fades tattoos. Always apply sunscreen all over before spending time outside in the sun. And maybe add an extra dollop of SPF on your tattoo, just for good measure.


    Within those information, Tadashi Tattoo - Tattoo in Saigon hopes that you can have the best tattoo after processing it. Don’t forget to come with us when you want to get a beautiful tattoo design!

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